It is important to measure the rate of success for being an excellent marketer. Whatever be the measuring techniques used, one should be capable to prove that he is worth to do the job. The budget you require, the assistant you need to hire to complement in the marketing strategies, the time devoting for your work, all will be evaluated based on the success rate. You need proper tools for doing these assessing. Here comes the importance of UTM codes. They are the tools one requires to evaluate their success in online marketing activities.

UTM codes or UTM parameters are small scraps of text added to the end of URL to help in tracking the success of content in the online world. It simply allows your analytics program recognise that someone reached your site through a marketing channel or a particular source as part of some promotional campaign. The things which can be tracked through the UTM codes are:

Campaign: Groups the whole content of a campaign
Source: what will be the source (emailer, banner, link, social share)
Medium: The kind of the medium of marketing that the link features
Content: Different varieties of content that leads to the same URL from the same promotional campaign, medium codes, and sources.
Term: Used to know if certain condition prevails.

Google UTM Code

Google UTM Code

With these parameters, one can make any combination to track website links. Here are some of the successful ways to use UTM codes in a combined manner to find the success rate.

1. Track the effectiveness of some of the marketing initiatives launched.
2. Observe how the social channels are promoting the content of your post and when the followers of post are promoting the content.
3. Measure the success of referral traffic guest posting.
4. Track same contents through various marketing media.
5. See the spot where people get interested to click on the internal links given in a particular blog post.

It is not much difficult to set the UTM codes for Google Analytics and measure them. The step by step procedures to follow are:

Step 1
With the help of Google URL Builder, incorporate the URL along with the information about the parameters such as Campaign, Source, Medium etc. in the given boxes. You will get enough support from the URL builder to fill up the columns. Once all columns are filled, submit it using the button and move to the next step.

Step 2
Here you are required to use the link in your online marketing activities. You can give it in full length or in a shortened form with tools like Bitly, URL shortener and link management platform.

Step 3
Now you have the custom tracking codes, all ready for action to measure the success rate. If the Google Analytics is already installed in the site, it will automatically do the tracking of incoming campaigns. From the graph displayed there, you will be able to measure the success easily. Within a few weeks’ time, you will get a clear picture that you require to know the success of yourself as a marketer.

What are UTM Codes and How it Helps in Google Analytics

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    In today’s day and age, we are hit with so many types of marketing and advertising that we may not even notice all of them. When it comes to digital marketing, there are online and offline campaigns, and trying to see how these types of marketing are working for your company is extremely difficult.


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