Social Media is an important ingredient for the success of any online business and the special case is with E-Commerce websites. E-Commerce website are the one that need to be in touch with their audience at regular interval in order to update about the latest offers and products. This makes social media for E-Commerce business a must task.

Although there are several websites where one can go for promoting their products, but still there are some websites which has high traffic and have customers for nearly all niche. This gives the E-commerce business lot of scope to promote their products on these portals. Some of the most popularly used social network website for product promotions are:

Facebook: Facebook is the leader of current social network platform and even tend to hold good position in coming future. One can find person of every nature here and hence whatever your products be, there cannot be any best place for promoting your products to your audience. The powerful tool of “SHARE” can give your products a lot of exposure if it is for general audience. It is mostly used for B to C business model.

Google+: Although there are few social networks that come before Google+, but in case of E-Commerce websites Google+ plays an important role in promotion. There are several communities where one can share their products whether it is limited to local area or for international products. Moreover, having an active profile on Google+ gives benefits in terms of SEO and thus helps in ranking the products. It is mostly used for B to C business model.

Social Media for E-Commerce Business


Pinterest: Pinterest plays an important role for products that looks good when photographed i.e. the products which has visual power are the one that can make lot of business from Pinterest. Some of the common products type that are popular in this platform includes fashion, experimental and delicious foods, infographics on certain topics, Home decorative and several similar products. Popular for B to C business model.

LinkedIn: LinkedIn is different from other social networks mentioned above, because of type of audience present here it is best when it comes to B to B business model. No one can replace LinkedIn when it comes to professional social networks. So, if you are looking for tie-ups business opportunity with small or big organization, then you cannot ignore LinkedIn.

Twitter: Although twitter is best social networks when compared to Google+ and LinkedIn, but the main reason why it comes below them is the limit for text content of 150 along with images. So, if we have to promote our products it becomes little bit limited.

Although there are still many websites which give high profit for promoting E-Commerce websites. Keep checking our latest blogs for the informative ideas and online marketing practices.

Top Social Media Websites Important for E-Commerce Business

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