Search Engine Optimization (SEO) is a process used by major search engines to produce relevant web searches for the respective users. It mostly depends upon the words used in a specific content of a website, the title of the content in a website, the links used in the website and many more in depth. In short, Search Engines like Google, Bing acts as librarians of the whole cyber world and the method used by these librarians in finding a related page is Search Engine Optimization. The more the page is search engine optimized the higher up it goes in Google and Bing search result page. Not rocket science as it may seem, it needs just a wee bit thinking and little bit of your effort.

Here are some tips to attain Search Engine Optimized Web Pages:-

1. Appropriate Keyword – The most crucial as well as trivial part is appropriate keywords in SEO optimization. It is mandatory to have a keyword which is precise. There will be no point in using a keyword which does not bring optimisation in web searches.

2. Useful Contents – The contents of a specific article should be interactive and informative. Good contents always put a mark upon its reader. The algorithms used by search engines giants always give first preference to explanatory contents for a website.

Top 10 SEO Tips

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3. Inbound links – It’s one of the most fundamental and crucial tactics for search engine optimization. Link building is nothing but bringing the links of external webpages to your website. Links of influential websites like Amazon, Wall Street Journal will be more effective than the links related to newly build websites. Quality and impressive inbound links are hard to come by. Splendidly optimized article to get your page higher up in search engines.

4. Outbound Links – Just like Inbound links, outbound links are more or less the same; it’s only just that it’s the opposite. It refers to links that are in your website that will take the users to another domain. Outward linking to other websites not only helps the search engine to better understand the content but also ensures quality and trust of the webpage. This indeed is a necessary part for SEO.

5. Fresh and updated content – The algorithms used by search engines are ever changing as the tech world itself is changing day by day. Fresh and updated contents make the website more engaging. The more activity is seen in a website, the more the search engines looks into the content of the page.

6. Optimizing Title – Google allows only 66 characters in the title description. So it is advisable to keep the title under 66 characters and relevant to the topic.

7. Don’t get slow – A page which loads fast, the chances of search engines to catch that page becomes more. The main tip would be to get rid of non-essential blogs and contents of the websites, so as to make it light and sleek.

8. Optimal Keyword Density Ratio – Maintaining proper keyword density is another aspect. The safe side would be use keywords more efficiently and should be used numerous times. We should manage effortlessly the keyword density ratio with appropriate relevance.

9. Image Optimization – Especially used for online marketing, it’s far better to use an image for a specific item rather than writing a huge portion about its specifications.

10. Target the audience – While constructing and optimizing content, one thing is very important, that is the target audience. For the topic to be well suited, it is customary to know the audience as well as their needs. Crisp, smart and intelligent content are more likely to grab the attention, than broad contents.

Top 10 SEO Tips Everyone Should Know for their Business

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