Re-Marketing & Display Network

Content remarketing has become a new trend of online marketing techniques. It is the best method to convert the lead into customer. In content remarketing process when any user comes to website, cookies get attached and it follows wherever they browse on internet i.e. whichever page they will be opening there will be ads about the product they were browsing on your website. This helps them to remember about the product of your website, so that they can come again and complete the transaction.

Display networks are also one of the unique marketing techniques to go for. The amount for the campaign is deducted based on 1000 impressions of the users. Here, Google displays your ads on their member websites that are relevant to your niche products. The ad may be in text form, Simple Image, Graphics or also can be a video.


The above image is a sample lookout of content remarketing and display network and gives a clear idea about both the services.

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