Conversion Optimization

Conversion Optimization is need of time which every online business have to implement into order to get more profit by optimizing the website and techniques. There are many a time when people come to the website, but do not go for purchasing or enquiring about the product. Conversion Optimization comes into place at that time.

When any website comes into existence, the aim of it becomes gaining more and more traffic and customers. But all customers are not the same, each one have their different opinion and views on how to purchase products, or if there is something that motivates them to purchase from any new website.

Conversion Optimization works on A/B Testing module i.e. for any set of operation 2 or more than 2 options are taken into count and then experimented that which one performs good i.e. for which users give more positive response. Sometime even changing the button position on website or colour of contact form also makes a lot of change and enhances the optimization process.

It’s an ongoing process in which the user’s behavior on the website is analyzed by their activities. It helps to improve the website performance and ultimately leads to more goal conversion. There are different goals for different business, for some purchasing products from their website is goal, for some filling the enquiry form becomes the goal while there are others who wants users to download their E-book or videos or app and consider it as the goal of website. For each type of goal conversion there are different strategies to be implemented on website.

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