Every business that is created needs some strategy that can make them stand ahead from their competitors. When implemented in a proper way then these strategies can be of great importance and can bring lots of profit, but if the planning is not done in a perfect way then it can even cause loss in the business. So, before planning for any strategy one should consider the important rule for business site i.e. “TESTING, MEASURING and OPTIMIZATION”.


When one creates a business site, the main intention is to meet the targeted users and also to fulfill their expectation. But, it really becomes difficult for us to evaluate those points by optimizing which we can get more and more traffic and to check this we use the above mentioned important rule.


The process of TESTING includes comparing several elements of the site and to check that which variation gives better result and make your visitors complete the action for what they came for.

The action depend on the type of business you have, it may be signing up with the newsletter, generating lead, making orders or even clicking on some targeted link.

The general way of experimenting in testing, involves preferring either variation 1 or variation 2.


After the process of testing the next important step is MEASURING, the process of measuring involves monitoring what visitors do when they navigate to the business site.

This information can be collected from Google’s analytics program. Here one can get important information such as site traffic source, demographic, time spent on the page and other informative details.

The main reason of giving importance to “measuring” in your business site evaluation is – it helps to identify the problem area and the steps that can be taken to rectify the mistake.


When we are done with the measuring process, the final step is the optimization process. The optimization process involves placing the test results in order to improve the conversion rate.

When we do testing, we refine our previous plans and enhance our strategies to get more optimized site. By doing this, we become more familiar with the need of the audience and helps to relate their requirements with more meaningful options so as to enhance the site user friendliness.


The best example of site that implemented this process is the world’s best online shopping site – Amazon.com. The current site that we see is entirely different from what it was 1 year ago. It is because Jeff Bezos and his team were aware that nothing is final and there is no limit for betterment of the site. He implemented changes in his site that most of the time no one noticed the slight change. The main reason for it was – according to him users react aggressively to the change, it becomes even greater when the change help to accomplish their task more easily on the site.

Let’s have a look at how Amazon evolved itself to enhance their site and gain the unbeatable position what they are enjoying today.

Amazon.com site in 1995

amazon site 1995

Amazon.com site in 2000

amazon site 2000

Amazon.com site in 2012

amazon site 2012

Process of Amazon Becoming Leader by Implementing Testing, Measuring & Optimization Process

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