Content Writing

Some years ago, content writing was not even into existence in SEO Industry. People used to copy contents, modify it or write some or the other thing for getting backlinks for their site. But google had slowly become more and more strict with the passage of time in terms of how the content are published, now quality content is the one that can keep you stand in the online marketing industry for a long time. Google’s Panda and Penguin updates always keep an eye on the content of the websites and harm those website those have duplicate content or are not worthy for the users to read.

“CONTENT IS KING” is the slogan of today’s online marketing industry. The more informative the content is, the more users will be going to read, like and share it and as a result will impact on the overall ranking of the website. Today’s search engines favor websites that are oriented to its target audience and provide helpful information about their products and services. Website targeting search engines for better ranking by stuffing keywords in their content are being effected and will also be effected in future in terms of their ranking and traffic.

This shows that content marketing service have became an important part of today’s marketing strategies. Therefore, the way content was written has also been changed.

Previously content marketing was limited to writing article contents only, but in today’s era content marketing services symbolizes:

  1. Content for articles, blogs, websites which convey information about the products and services.
  2. Content for social media platform, where the content plays the most important role in getting more and more views, clicks as well as shares.
  3. Press Release – Any news or insight information about the company’s progress that is released for the general audience.
  4. Infographics – This is the new trend in content marketing services. Instead of writing complete page of details, the information is conveyed through a graphical image i.e. short as well as attractive.
  5. The content can also be published in the form of Video/PPT/PDF, so that it gets more and more influential viewers.

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