In Smartphone Industry world, especially in India have seen a drastic change in last few years in the leaders, the game plans, marketing strategies and everything that are changing to provide the best to its customers. There are more and more brands that are excited to open their business in India after observing the wide business opportunity here. Many new brands have created there place in top selling list while some existing market leaders are not able to compete with their new competitors and have gone terribly down.

This industry have seen a revolution and brand journey of Motorola – a brand, which due to high competition and degrading business packed its bag in 2012 but then bounced back in 2014 with a bang that its competitors are still not able to recover from the shock.


Motorola came back to India market in Feb 2014, with its exclusive distribution partner by launching Moto G. It was within two quarter of its launch, Motorola replaced Nokia 4th position in Indian smartphone market ranking. In it’s 2nd quarter i.e. from April –June 2014 Motorola sold near about 955,650 compared to Nokia 633,720. There are still 3 companies that are ahead of Motorola race but if the growth of Motorola even continues to grow as it is now for next half quarter then definitely it will be having tight fight for the top position. The 3 brands that are ahead of Motorola for now are Samsung, Micromax and Karbonn. These 3 brands when combine together have shipped nearly 8.2 million unit in this period.

The general model which have created the game changer in last 6 month for Motorola are Moto G which was launched at the price 12,499, Moto X at 23,999 and Moto E of 6,999. The supportive step that Motorola took was to choose India’s leading online retail shop to sell its mobiles exclusively. This step can be told as one of the best marketing strategy for a company that is having global presence to open market in India. There were lot of talk that were being about the wrong decision of joining hand with Flipkart for the only marketplace for Indian buyers. In fact, the scenario became as such that Moto G went out of stock within hardly 15 minutes for the 16 GB set orders when it was released for the first time.

Seeing this immense popularity and demand Motorola even launched Moto X and Moto E on flipkart.Well, an online distribution saved the company from all the time, money and efforts in building up a distribution network. This meant a timely launch without much time and money spent in putting in place a distribution network. Moreover, the company had a significant saving by not having to pay the distributor and retailer margins, which usually go up to 6-15%. All these helped the company offer its smartphones at a more lucrative price and consumers lapped it up.



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