When any one develops an E-commerce site, their main intention is always to convert visitors of their site into long term customers. For having an enhanced conversion rate, the web store should try to offer its customers a pleasant user experience. So, it becomes important before designing any of the E-commerce site to study deeply about what users are looking for and then design the site accordingly. This is the only way by which one can create a business site which will be audience-friendly, leading to the growth in the conversion rate.

Below some of the important guidelines have been discussed which can help to enhance the conversion rate of E-commerce site

1. Display high quality product images

When it comes to E-commerce sites, product images are very important. Be sure to use high quality images which show the products in a crisp way. It would be advisable to display several shots of the product taken from different angles. A zoom feature would also be very useful for helping customers have a better idea of what they are getting.

2. Understand your audience

Online shoppers usually make a decision to buy based on various variables. Some are influenced by the product descriptions, while others are more influenced by visuals. Therefore, understanding your target audience will play a key role in the success of your E-commerce site. What are their shopping habits? What elements in your site can influence a buying decision? Once you have answers to such questions, you can give your customers exactly what they are looking for.

Increase Conversion Rate

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3. Post elaborate product info

Besides displaying high resolution product images, it is also important to have detailed information about the product. This can be a very effective way of improving conversions. The information should not only be relevant, but also engaging and comprehensive. Don’t just mention the features of the product, explain how customers can benefit from it. Before publishing the product copy, take time to check for spelling and grammatical errors.

4. Use product videos

Adding product videos is one of the best ways of making your site interactive. Since customers cannot touch the product, videos give you the opportunity of demonstrating how a product works and its benefits. This makes it easier for the customer to make a buying decision, thus enhancing your conversion rate.

If one take care of these important points and then go for designing their E-commerce site, then it will become very easy for them to convert the audience into valuable customers.

Helpful Guidelines to Increase Conversion ratio of Your E-Commerce Site

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