Google just released its latest update Panda 4.0 on 20th of this month as announced by Matt Cutts. With the much awaited update google now have became more strict in its content policy. Although there were some indications in SERP result on 13th but not much fluctuation, it was on 20th that the update was officially declared and many popular sites got affected by it including E-bay.

It is said that the impact have been high this time with change in near about 6-7.5% of search queries. Experts analyzed popular sites and there were some sites that gained in this update while there were some that were affected badly which includes ebay, and popular search engine

Panda 4.0 Affected Sites

Most of the sites that have been affected in negatively way are those that involves third party contents which may be in some or the other way a spam, while sites that have gained ranking in this update belong to those that compare different products or services.

Top Sites Affected by Panda Update

These updates are indication that google is not going to protect site containing duplication or with poor grammer. So, to survive with these tough updates the only thing that one needs is to have unique, fresh and sharable content.


Google Roll Out its Latest Update – Panda 4.0, Punishing Spamming Contents
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