It seems that Google is making its search more and more secure with its every update. Now, it’s the turn of a new update i.e. Pigeon Update which was observed on 25th-26th July by webmasters worldwide.

With this new update there will be huge improvement in local searches, providing more effective, relevant and accurate results in local searches. This update was observed mostly in U.S. but rolling out globally soon. Those businesses whose focus is on some particular area are going to be benefited if they have done proper homework.


Although Google have not officially named this update, but the SEO Communities have named it at Pigeon because of the nature that pigeon comes to its nest every day i.e. something related to local area.

This have happened previously too when Google released the 1st Panda update and the SEO Community named it as “Farmer” update later Google announced it at Panda update. Same case follows here too.

The changes were seen in Google maps and search results as Google is not interested in revealing it now but this update will affect in knowledge Graph, synonyms and spelling corrections. Even Distance parameter will be affected.

Even there was high improvement in ranking of Yelp listing, which at some places got higher ranking even compared to Google.

Google Releases its New Update Boosting Local Search – Pigeon Update

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