These days, we are flooded by ‘Online Shopping Companies’. Ordinary citizens have also started purchasing from online stores. The growth of e-commerce business is like rocket speed. But still Amazon holds the leading position among all other e-commerce company.

Amazon Operates from its headquartering in Seattle, Washington, United States. It started its operation in 1995 as an online book store. Later it extended its product ranges from DVDS, CDs, Video, MP3, Software, Video games, apparel, furniture, food, toys, jewelry etc. Amazon also produces own eBook reader, tablets etc.

Business Strategy:

Amazon follows a very solid business strategy to be the top among the e-commerce company. Search Engine Optimization is the best and the biggest way of enhancing the online trading. To increase the search engine optimization rate the company name changed to Amazon as it was Cadaver before. The name kept as ‘Amazon’, because ‘A’ is the first letter of the alphabet and Google search engine searching in alphabetical way.

amazon site 2012

Amazon follows the Time compounding formula seriously and introduce in its business strategy. At the very first of the opening of the online store with one website it has met the 24 hour opening barrier which is totally impossible in case of offline businesses. That means an Amazon could open its store 24 hours where all other stores open only for 12 hours at an offline.

Again, it beat the 24 hour barrier when it introduces a different website for the different countries. In Asia there is for china, for India, in Japan, for Europe for Germany, for Spain, for France, for Italy, for UK From North America Amazon. CA for Canada, for Mexico, for Australia and in South America it is in Brazil.

Not only Amazon sale its product though its own site but also collaborate with other websites also. This is called Multi level marketing strategy and this is based on time compounding and productivity formula.

The Most important business strategy Amazon use is the user friendly by adopting the local languages. Amazon has sites with different languages like English, French, German, Spanish, Italian, Japanese, Chinese, Brazilian, Portuguese etc.

It also adopts the world’s cheapest advertising formula through Web banners and Videos but get the most result out of this.

As a result of the above strategy adopt by Amazon the parent alone has 615 million visitors annually and imagine about the sister website and there visitors and conversion rate. This time compounding formula by user friendly websites worldwide help Amazon to be world’s leading electronic commerce company.

Business Strategy Implemented by Amazon to become world leading E- Commerce Store

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